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Getting list of installed programs from command line

Getting list of programs in Windows

Windows comes with a tool called wmic.

The Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line (WMIC) is a command-line and scripting interface that simplifies the use of Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) and systems managed through WMI.

WMIC is based on aliases. Aliases make the primary data provided by WMI available without having to understand WMI-specific concepts. WMI data and many WMI features are also accessible through WMI without aliases.

For more information: WMIC documentation

The first thing we need to do is open a command Prompt.

  • Click Start and type CMD in the search box.
  • Click cmd.exe at the top of the search results.
  • At the cmd prompt type wmic and hit enter.
  • You will now seewmic:root\cli>
  • Type product get name,version hit enter.
    wmic:root\cli>product get name,version

If you want to export the list to a text file
wmic:root\cli>/output:c:\ProgramList.txt product get name,version

You may not get the list of all the applications here. Reason explained here

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