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Another day with Archlinux

Gnome3 on Archlinux

I have been hearing all the excitement about gnome3 and wanted to give it a try. I could have installed it right away on my linux machine. But I wanted a reinstall for a lot of reasons. So I began taking backup of important data and installing archlinux again. Few things I needed to ensure before installing gnome was
  • Install a video driver if you haven't done already
  • Install X window system and dbus
On installing video driver, sound, window system on archlinux read - My life with archlinux Gnome is now installed in 3 easy steps.
  1. Install gnome core and applications
  2. # pacman -S gnome
  3. Install gnome extra, which is needed for gnome3
  4. # pacman -S gnome-extra
  5. Install gnome desktop manager
  6. # pacman -S gdm
  7. Modify ~/.xinitrc
  8. Add the following line to your ~/.xinitrc file.
    exec ck-launch-session gnome-session
You can now start gnome by typing
# startx

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