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Any JNDI setup has the following 3 components.

  1. JNDI Software
    JNDI API is part of JDK (1.3 and higher)

  2. Service Provider Software
    A service provider is software that maps the JNDI SPI calls to actual calls on the naming or directory server. In the terminology of client/server software, the JNDI and the service provider are the client (called the JNDI client) and the naming/directory server is the server.

    The Java SDK, v1.3 comes with service providers for LDAP, COS naming, and the RMI registry. The initial examples in this tutorial uses File System service provider because of it's simplicity though it does not come with the SDK but could be downloaded from java archives here.

  3. Naming/Directory server
    This is the software or server that provides the real service. For eg: In case of LDAP, there would be a LDAP server that we communicate using JDNI.
    When using the file system service provider, you don't need to set up a server because you can use your local file system as the server.

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