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LDAP Operation: Delete sub-Context (aka LDAP entry)

Context consists of a set of name-to-object bindings. The subcontext represents the context under that context in the LDAP tree. We can delete any bound objects by destroying the subcontext. The converse, however, is not true -- that is, creating a subcontext with theDirContext.createSubcontext() method doesn't add any objects.

The Context.unbind() method produces the same output, but also works under a clustered naming system in which a context from one naming system may be bound to a name in another.
The unbind() method succeeds in removing this foreign context. (A foreign context is by definition not a subcontext of the context in which it is bound). Deleting objects works only for leaves in the tree; if tried on a node, JNDI will throw a ContextNotEmptyException.

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